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Welcome to "ASK THE HAM WHO OWNS ONE", your community site for learning, discussing and trouble shooting all things Alpha. Here you can look up support articles, comment on them, post your own findings, and communicate with the entire Alpha community. This is where we're going to move much of the technical content from our website, www.rfconcepts.com. We can post pictures, articles, blog about the company and the products, post events, and other relevant items about Alpha Amplifiers and RF Concepts.

Blogs are comment areas 'owned' by the author and can't be modified by anyone but the author. Forums, however, are open and easy places to comment. To find a full list of the forums available, click the "more" button under "Active forum topics" on the left side of this page. If you have a comment about any topic, log in to the site, and post your comments. The community of Alpha owners is huge and by posting your issues and comments, other participants of the community can find information about an issue or problem they're having, or just share an experience with the community. it's that easy.

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How To Update 8410 Firmware Using AE9K Monitor Software

Alpha 8410 Monitor by AE9K - Program Configuration and Firmware Loading

1) Download and install Colt Bootloader from RF Concepts web site DOWNLOADS page:


2) Download and install 8410 Monitor Software by AE9K:


3) Connect Alpha 8410 amplifier to AC power BUT leave amp turned off. Connect USB cable from computer to 8410.

Rearranged Web Site Pages for Downloads and Parts

We've added many pages to the RF Concepts web site. The Downloads page has many useful links for firmware and manuals, and Legacy parts in stock are listed by Alpha product and by component type.

Glenn AE0Q

The Brick and The Key

To me, that image says it all. Reliability, Robustness, Headroom, Excellent Design, and I could go on.

50-25-25 Finance Program Extended

We've extended our 50-25-25 program through 2012. If you'd like to spread your payments over 3 months, see the details either below:

Introducing the Alpha 50-25-25 (aka HQQ or Half, Quarter, Quarter) payment option
Any customer that qualifies to the rules set below, may choose to pay for a factory new Alpha Amplifier 9500, 8410 or 8406 by allowing RF Concepts to charge 50% of the total amplifier amount upon shipment, plus shipping charges, 25% of the amplifier amount 30 days later, and the final 25% of the amplifier price 30 days after that. There will be no special charges, finance charges, or handling charges from RF Concepts for this service. This will have the effect of spreading the total invoice amount over a 60 day period. To qualify for this payment option:

If you're a Ham and have direct knowlege about the Alpha line of Linear Amplifiers, we'd like YOU to help us add content to this forum. If you help, we'll send you a FREE Alpha Cap or Alpha T-Shirt with your Call embroidered on it!

All you have to do is post five(5) meaningful entries anywhere on the site to qualify. This program will continue until further notice. Here are the instructions:

1. Register on this site so you can post. PLEASE use your Call as the user name so we can see you're a ham.

2. Find a place on the site that you can add helpful content. Check the "MORE" button under "Active forum topics" to see all the places you can post comments.

3. Post your comments - please make them thoughtful and helpful for other hams looking for comments and information.

A new Amplifier Comparison Chart is available

We've created a new version of our amplifier comparison chart: HERE

We're looking for Products!

If you're an engineer with a product that you think would work with the Alpha name, or you'd like us to help you finish a project that you think would rock the world of Amateur Radio, email Steve Farkas, our president, at stevef@rfconcepts.com and chat with him. He's friendly and would love to hear your ideas.

Free caps with your call embroidered on the back

These are great caps - Our logo on the front, and your call on the back. All you have to do is post a comment to the 8410, 9500, or 8406 Alpha amplifiers on eHam.com and we'll send you a FREE Alpha cap with your call embroidered on the back. Just drop us an email telling us that you've posted the comment and your cap will be on it's way.

A call for Station Pictures

Do you have a Station picture with an Alpha amplifier you want to share with the world? Send them to us at info@rfconcepts.com

QST Reviews the Alpha 9500 Amplifier - They Like it !!!

QST reviewed the Alpha 9500 amplifier and we're pretty proud! This was their bottom line: "The Alpha 9500 is worthy of its place at the top of the Alpha product line. Once configured for your station, automatic tune up is effortless and nearly instantaneous.

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